Weam Namou

on Nov 9, 2016

We’re bridging the gaps one more time on the Conversations With Kai Mann show. Join us tonight for a spirited conversation with Iraqi American author, journalist, and filmmaker Weam Namou. Weam speaks of energy work, healing, and transformation. If you’ve ever had to figure out who you were in this world, this is a show to watch how one woman did it.

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Weam namou
Facebook: @weamnamou

Conversations With Kai Mann
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Facebook: @conversationswithkaimann
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Kai Mann
Twitter: @kaiology
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Film Credits:
Weam Namou (Biography)

Conversations With Kai Mann
Videography: ATE-UP Videos [Markus Burns]
Editing: Focus One Entertainment [Lenderrick Jones]

Music By: Arnav Srivastava
Song: King’s Castle


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