The Flovortex

on Dec 2, 2016

Tonight we have special guest The FloacistĀ! Get Ready, Get Set…Flowwwwww as we capture the heart and soul of poetry in the D. The haikus, metaphors, and the realness of Detroit Soul painted with words on hearts and lips of its people. We celebrate the Flovortex at Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe. Gather round your screen to hear some of Detroit’s best wordsmiths.

“A Special Thanks to Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart”

Watch the show Fridays at 7pm est. at

Host: Rosemarie ‘One Single Rose’

Executive Producer: Kai Mann [Elevation Nation Media Group]
Creative Director: Yahminah McIntosh [ThinkBoxer International]
Videographer & Editor: Lenderrick Jones [Focus One Entertainment]

Filmed on location: Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe


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