J Bell & Peace

on Mar 8, 2017

Part of transformation and healing is about the relationships that we build and nurture along the way. There are people in our lives that are the very fabric in our existence that make who we are and what we do most important. These relationships allow us to exist in our power and reach maximum impact. The Conversations With Kai Mann show is seeking to talk about those relationships, the depth, the width, and the breadth of them.

Join us for the 1st conversation in the #dynamicduo and #powercouple series with JBell and his wife Peace. These #FunnyActing Entertainers share what brought them together, holds them together, and keeps them balanced.

Watch the Conversations With Kai Mann show Wednesdays at 7pm EST. log on to www.watchthelivenetwork.com

JBell Comedy
Instagram: @jbellcomedy
Facebook: @Jbellcomedy
Twitter: @jbellcomedy

@Instagram: @peacebwhattheycallme
Facebook: @clarethapeacebell
Twitter: @3Clarethapeace

Log on to www.watchthelivenetwork.com Wednesdays at 7:00pm EST.

Host: Kai Mann
Website: kai-mann.com
Instagram: @kaiology
Facebook: @kai.mann
Twitter: @kaiology

Instagram: @conversationswithkaimann
Facebook: @conversationswithkaimann
Twitter: @converskaimann

Producer: Lenderrick Jones [Focus One Entertainment]
Executive Producer: Kai Mann
Creative Director: Yahminah McIntosh

Music By Arnav Sristava
Song(s): King’s Castle & Beautiful Sunset
Triple Scoop Music


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