Ready Set Flow Episode 3

on Nov 14, 2016

[Updated Show; Previous Live Network Views 79, YouTube views 21]

Tonight Host of Ready Set Flow Rosemarie Wilson talks with Host Peace Bell of They Say. This is a chance for our audience to check out her poetic prowess. Peace is part of the dynamic duo of Funny Acting Production where she and Husband J. Bell host on the second floor of the illustrious “They Say” Restaurant every Thursday night at 9pm. Later, we head on over to the P3 were bold artistic expression meets the peace of God. The Peaceful Poetic Place that is. Host Natasha “Beautiful Thought “and Paul Dean capture poetic verses in spirituality and love in commonality for God. The P3’s spiritual essence has been the way that African Americans have praised for many centuries. This is poetry of the spiritual kind. Again, this is Detroit Christian Poetry and the P3 does it well.

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