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Vanessa Lynn
Writer, Producer, Visionary, Motivator

If at first you don’t succeed, give up. Right? Wrong! When founder, visionary and playwright Vanessa Lynn shared her first script for a play in 1995 with her mentor, she found everything but
encouraging words. Crushed by criticism, she continued to pursue her career in corporate America with a Fortune 500 company. Even though she fell in love with theater at a very young age after witnessing Broadway hits such as “Annie” and “The Wiz,” she tried her best to ease her yearning for the pursuit of a career in theater.

In 2004, unforeseen tragedy struck her life and things began to take a downward spiral, both personally and financially. When her world came crumbling down, she found herself without a home, without a business and she even lost the desire to live. While many would have given up and complained, it was only after a layoff from her corporate job that she revisited the untitled play she had written in 1995. No longer having the script and only her memory to go by, Lynn typed non-stop for two days to complete the rough draft of what has today become known as the famous stage play, “Unequally Yoked.” After suffering through many trials, setbacks, careless mistakes, lack of funds and lack of transportation, “Unequally Yoked” opened in August of 2006 at the Dearborn Ford Performing Arts Center to a sold-out house. Since then, Vanessa has remained steadfast on accomplishing her childhood theatrical dreams and has obtained unimaginable successes.

Since “Unequally Yoked,” which is now a national bestselling DVD (garnering a Top 20 Amazon African American Cinema spot for over a year), there have been several ground-breaking shows she has birthed, including: “Affairs,” a murder mystery set in the south that was ultimately labeled a “game changer” for including elements such as police work and forensics released nationally on DVD; “Deranged,” a comedy suspense thriller about a nanny with ulterior motives that was performed in Toronto, Canada; and Angela Barrow-Dunlap’s “Church Girl,” (contributing writer) the hit national touring stage play now seen on BET. “Boss Lady,” the life-changing powerful saga, has the country buzzing and was released nationally on DVD in 2013 and recently a string of “Murder Mystery” shows that have been produced at her venues. Lynn has had the honored experience to work with celebrities such as Robin Givens, Angela Winbush, Ginuwine, Keith Washington, Carl Payne, Karen Clark-Sheard, Kel Mitchell, Demetria McKinney, Tony Terry, Tony Grant and has appeared on the syndicated morning show “News One Now” with Roland Martin.

Her debut book, Beyond the Chitlin’ Circuit: The Ultimate Urban Playwright’s Guide, is the first book of its kind and speaks to the myths, the challenges and the successes of the urban playwright industry. Girl, Get Your Date Life Right, the second book, is a dating guide for women over 35. Lynn currently serves as the CEO of Parables Entertainment, a comprehensive professional writing and consulting firm. Lynn is also the founder and CEO of Urban Playwrights United (UPU), where she helps playwrights nationwide perfect their craft and the owner of The Crystal Room, all occasion hall. She also serves as a board member of Avengers Mentoring 501c3, a local Detroit mentoring program. Picking up beauty from the ashes, which she was given, Lynn continues to serve as a public speaker, script and content writer, mentor and theater consultant.


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