From YungHood To MannHood Teaser 2

Join us for a weekly show with 28-year-old Charles Mann, an African American male and rapper “YungHood” whose life demanded that he grow and change into a responsible adult to become a better version of Mann. We see the struggle of being away from his children, and his attempts at working out life as he goes. This show is one of struggle, growth, sacrifice, and transformation. At its best, it is a series of one coming from life in the streets, while trying to be a good father and letting go of the dream to become a rapper. This young man makes the best decision of his life by going to welding school so that he could make a better life for he and his children. Watch weekly on The Live Network at 7pm EST by visiting


7 Days Official Music Video [Manny Fest Motion Pikz]

Slide [Music Video] DreamHouse Films 11


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