Conversations With Kai Mann S2:E13

Cassandra Carter came into the writing game as a teen, having launched her career with two titles on Harlequin’s Kimani Tru imprint, “Fast Life” & “16 Isn’t Always Sweet.” At 28-years-old, she is now her own boss with two indie books in continuation of the Fast Life series including her most recent title “Paradise & Promises: An End to the Fast Life.”


Keep up with Cassandra and her latest projects on Twitter, IG or Facebook @calllmemisscarta!

Kai Mann
Twitter: @kaiology
Instagram: @kaiology
Facebook: @kai.mann
Tumblr: @kaiology

Twitter: @converskaimann
Facebook: @conversationswithkaimann
Instagram: @conversationswithkaimann
Tumblr: @conversationswithkaimann

Executive Producer: Kai Mann
Producer: Lenderrick Jones
Creative Director: Yahminah McIntosh

Music: Sunny Day [audioblocks]


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