Conversations With Kai Mann S2:E15

Survivor, Speaker and Mentor.
Beginning with her mother passing away Oct. 6, 1999, Ericka was only 16 yrs. old when a series of unfortunate events began to occur early in her life. Unexpectedly she found herself pregnant by the age of 17, and gave birth to Imani. The
selection of her daughter’s name was definition driven, Imani means Faith, and she decided to keep faith with her at all times.  Ericka completed her high school education 6 months early, and began her higher education at Wayne State University.

At the age of 18, Ericka and Imani were homeless.  They bounced from family and friends’ houses, sleeping in cars, to COTS, and Peggy’s Place transitional housing.  She found it hard to qualify for any of the state programs in MI. The “WORK 1ST”  and “Welfare to Work” programs were of no aide to her.  She was determined to graduate from college and gain employment.  She eventually was invited to move in with her pastor & his family.

As a teen single parent, in college, on welfare, active in church, and overwhelmed by life and daily issues, she found herself depressed.  At that time she relocated to Montgomery, Al to attend Alabama State.  While there she attended True Divine Baptist church (Pastor Steven and Yolanda Huntley). Her giving spirit was fully put to the test during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Ericka returned to MI during her second pregnancy (Alise).  Again, she found herself homeless. She created the nonprofit org, “Supreme Transitions” to empower people and equip them with the necessary tools for total self-sufficiency.

Ericka is a SURVIVOR of sexual assault, domestic violence, depression, homelessness, welfare, lack of education, and
unemployment.  She lives her life by the quote, “My life is not my own, but for those who may come there after”. #IAMEVIDENCE “I will never look like what I’ve been through”.

Currently, Ericka has been speaking to empower men & women ages 16– and up in all arenas.  She shares her testimony with others to encourage them and give them hope.  She has been the keynote speaker at several local and national conferences, workshops and summits that promote entrepreneurship for survivors of Domestic Violence, those experiencing transition and other societal challenges. Ericka has been a speaker, facilitator, and trainer for healthy living, life skills development and community development. This young woman is well known for service excellence and as an advocate for policy reform, leadership, and economic growth within the multi gender and cultural communities.

Ericka has encouraged viewers through various online magazine, local magazines, internet radio shows and talk shows,
AM/ FM  talk radio, local TV stations, including being featured on national television channel, BET: “The Sheards” reality
show, season 1,  with Karen Clark Sheard. (2013).

In mid-2015, Ericka faced one of her greatest demons and secrets. On her journey of helping other survivors of sexual assault she was offered the opportunity to share the details of her own sexual assault for an upcoming documentary called, “I am Evidence”. Set to air on HBO, fall 2017 Ericka has been called “The Queen of Networking” and is a highly sought after speaker, on air personality, entrepreneur
coach, and community project manager. Her past isn’t just a memory, but a REMINDER to keep faith, keep moving forward, and build another human being where they may be weak.  Her greatest accomplishments have yet to come.  Ericka is thankful to God for sending her mentors like Kalyn Risker, and Shelia “Umi” Hankins, & National Gospel recording artist, Evangelist Karen Clark Sheard.


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