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Episode 4 Out Loud In The D

Join us for the 2nd half of “One Year Later”

Producer(s): Kai Mann & Phette Hollins
A Cinemabug Entertainment, Scriblical Vibez, & Elevation Nation Media Group Production

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Episode 3 Out Loud In The D

One year later we check in with the cast of Out Loud In The D to see what they’ve been up to, and what changes they’ve made. Come with us as we experience spiritual journeys of two of the cast, how one couple’s children have changed their views on how people accept them or not, and much more. Episode 3 is the first part of “One Year Later” the second half of the documentary on Out Loud In The D.

To watch all of the episodes go to http://elevationnationmedia.com/out-loud-in-the-d/

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Proudcer(s): Kai Mann & Phette Hollins
Cinemabug Entertainment
Scriblical Vibez
Elevation Nation Media Group

Episode 2- Out Loud In The D

In the second episode of Out Loud In The D we talk about how being gay can challenge the thinking of others, the differences between being straight or gay, the stereotypical characteristics of being gay, and if the cast feels bad about who they are.

Watch Out Loud In The D Thursdays at 7pm EST. Log on to www.watchthelivenetwork.com or http://elevationnationmedia.com/out-loud-in-the-d/

Executive Producer(s): Kai Mann & Phette Hollins
Videographer(s): J. Michael Collins & Stephane Parker
Editing: Stephane Parker & Kai Mann

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Out Loud In The D Premier

Tonight we are premiering The Live Network’s first LGBT documentary turned Docu-Series “Out Loud In The D”. The first season of Out Loud in the D is a Docu-Series about the life experiences of African American men and women in the LGBT community of the Detroit Metro area. These men and women are from diverse backgrounds and live their lives out loud and proud in Detroit in their truest light ever.
Come with us as the cast shows the positives as well as the issues that may come from being African American and LGBT.
Watch Out Loud In The D Thursdays at 7pm EST at www.watchthelivenetwork.com
Producers: Kai Mann & Phette Hollins
videographers: J. Michael Collins & Stephane Parker
Editors: Stephane Parker & Kai Mann
Music: LadyFireTide

Out Loud In The D Teaser

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