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Conversations With Kai Mann S2:E12

Kalimah Johnson, LMSW is an Adjunct Professor of Social Work at Marygrove College and Founder/Executive Director of SASHA Center in Detroit, Michigan, she is also a consultant to the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League and the National Football League-Detroit Lions. She has been an advocate and counselor to survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence for 20+ years and is an industry expert on topics related to culturally specific programming for sexual assault survivors, healthy relationships, domestic/sexual violence, emotional intelligence, mental health and well-being. Most recently, she completed the Athlete Development Professional Certification Program at the University of Pennsylvania-The Wharton School/Aresty Institute of Executive Education to increase her skills and capacity of working with and on behalf of professional athletes and continues to create culturally specific services/training and workshops for DV and SA programs nationally and abroad. Her interests include writing and performing poetry and she owns a natural hair care studio in her home-town Detroit.

Kalimah Johnson LMSW, ACSW, LCSW

Conversations With Kai Mann S2:E10

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Jay Mack has always had a passion for helping others achieve their goals. Not only licensed through the International Sports Science Association as a Certified Fitness Trainer and a Nutrition Specialist, Jay holds two degrees in the paralegal and business administration fields and has been recognized nationally for operating a nonprofit organization for four years. In result of his community outreach commitments, his work garnered four special achievement awards.


In 2015, Jamar started “ A New You Fitness Camp” which focused on living a healthier lifestyle with exercise and a consistent diet regime.  Clients are referred to as “Warriors” due to overcoming everyday battles to maintain focus on becoming a healthier version of themselves, mentally and physically.


In addition to working fourteen years for Corporate America, his passion geared him toward another direction in a field he holds very dear to his heart, the physical/health fitness field. He strives to help individuals meet and exceed their personal health/fitness goals. When working with individuals, Jamar believes the challenge is not only for them, but also for himself. Former clients who have worked to reach their goals understood that they work together with Jamar to meet and exceed their expectations.

Jo The Giant

The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question.

Kimberly Batchelor Davis

on Dec 28, 2016

Tonight we talk Post Partum Depression, Caring for elderly parents, and life on the Conversations With Kai Mann show with author and event planner Kimberly Batchelor Davis. This is authenticity at its best.

Watch Conversations With Kai Mann Wednesdays at 7pm EST. Log on to

Join us for a conversation with Author and Event Planner Kimberly Batchelor Davis as we talk about post-partum depression, taking care of elderly parents and more, Wednesday, December 28th at 7pm EST.

Kimberly Batchelor Davis
Facebook: @kimberlybatcherlordavis
Instagram: @batchelordavis
Twitter: @batchelordavis

Watch Conversations With Kai Mann Wednesdays at 7pm est. Log on to

Videography & Editing by: Lenderrick Jones [Focus One Entertainment]
Music By: Arnav Sristava
Song: King’s Castle

Creative Director: Yahminah McIntosh
Producer: Kai Mann

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Instagram: @conversationswithkaimann
Facebook: @conversationswithkaimann

From YungHood To MannHood Teaser 2

Join us for a weekly show with 28-year-old Charles Mann, an African American male and rapper “YungHood” whose life demanded that he grow and change into a responsible adult to become a better version of Mann. We see the struggle of being away from his children, and his attempts at working out life as he goes. This show is one of struggle, growth, sacrifice, and transformation. At its best, it is a series of one coming from life in the streets, while trying to be a good father and letting go of the dream to become a rapper. This young man makes the best decision of his life by going to welding school so that he could make a better life for he and his children. Watch weekly on The Live Network at 7pm EST by visiting


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