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Shonell Bacon

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Adra Young

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David L. Watkins

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ENMG Sponsorship Paradise

Elevation Nation Media Group is an entertainment agent that offers Internet TV, Radio, and Podcasting services though a media hosted website via scheduled programming and live streaming.

Elevation Nation Media Group’s web-based ‘Live Network” has created channels dedicated to specific genres of uniquely defined shows, web series, documentaries, movies, short films, PSA’s,  and plays; as well as an advertising and business channels.

Our mission is to inspire a network of programming on “The Live Network” that will give home to the worlds most inspirational, motivational, transformational, spiritually charged, influential, and conscious platforms via an internet TV Network.

Our vision is to be the leading entertainment agent for media coverage and access for the future of every demanding media market and to use and develop media outlets and foster media based relationships that will create viable platforms and relevant programming for years to come.

Our goal is to produce strong and relevant content that moves across gender lines, breaks cultural barriers, and societal rules. Our objective is to create the largest network comprised of relevant inspired development shows and programming made up of everyday people.

Elevation Nation Media Group’s objective is to consistently build a standard through marketable media projects. ENMG does this by creating, crafting, and developing programs that bring our own ideas; as well as the ideas of others to life in media form.

We executively produce some programming, while we produce others. Depending upon our target audience we entertain, educate, or inform our viewers through the media content we share around the world.

Benefits to Sponsorship

Depending upon the sponsorship package or individual sponsorship plan that you choose the benefits allow for unlimited lifetime value and maximum exposure. Whether it is a commercial, Ad space, or sponsorship to one of our shows, short films, documentaries, or PSA’s you will gain unlimited visibility for your product, service, brand, restaurant, or company.  One way to become a sponsor is by placing your commercial, logo, or Ad on our website for 30, 60, or 90 days and you will obtain a promotional package that will include a description of your product or service, your contact information, and a link back to your website. You can also choose a sponsorship for one or more of our shows or episodes and get advertisement every time that show or episode is aired and/or viewed. The benefits to a show sponsorship is that it pays for itself every time the show is viewed allowing awareness to your company’s name, brand, logo, service, or product. All of our sponsorships have unlimited value and adds a lifetime of marketing for you.


If sponsorship is not right for you and you would like to Become a ‘Live Network’ Donor your generous gift will assist Elevation Nation Media Group with exploring new ideas and new worlds through innovative online programming and television. Together, as a supporter, we can offer trusted motivational and transformational programming today, tomorrow and in the future. Send a paypal donation today to  PayPal.Me/EYEENMGSVP



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